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Fertility Clinic Errors Collide With a Redefinition of ‘Personhood’

The clinics are routinely sued by patients for errors that destroy embryos, as happened in Alabama. An effort to define them legally as “unborn children” has raised the stakes.

Alabama Says Embryos in a Lab Are Children. What Are the Implications?

A ruling by the state’s Supreme Court could change common practices at fertility clinics in the state and possibly nationwide.

Lead Levels in Children’s Applesauce May Be Traced to Cinnamon Additive

The F.D.A. is investigating the sources of cinnamon and other ingredients produced outside the U.S. as the possible cause of lead poisoning in dozens of children. Advocates are urging mandatory testing of lead in food.

Why It Took So Long for the FDA to Tackle a Cold Medicine

Pharmacists affiliated with the University of Florida have spent decades nudging the agency to pull a decongestant from over-the-counter medicines.

What’s Going On With the Abortion Pill Rulings by Federal Judges?

One invalidated the F.D.A.’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone. The other ordered the F.D.A. to do nothing to restrict the pill’s availability.