Tag: Depression (Mental)

Outcry Over High School Clinic Exposes Deep Divisions on Mental Health

American teenagers are reporting severe levels of anxiety and depression. But when Connecticut moved to expand mental health services in schools, it ran into fierce opposition in one town.

Startups Prescribing A.D.H.D Drugs on TikTok Raise Diagnosis Concerns

Buzzy start-ups promising easy access to mental health medication found an eager market on social media. Should anyone be looking for treatment on TikTok, though?

Pediatricians Hold the Front Lines of a Mental Health Crisis

Around the country, the setting for adolescent mental health care looks ever more like this doctor’s office in Kentucky, the next patient arriving every 15 minutes.

Hundreds of Suicidal Teens Sleep in Emergency Rooms. Every Night.

With inpatient psychiatric services in short supply, adolescents are spending days, even weeks, in hospital emergency departments awaiting the help they desperately need.

TEPT: ¿Por qué se le da tan poca importancia?

Los expertos afirman que millones viven afectados por el trauma, que se ha convertido en una palabra de moda y en meme. Entonces, ¿por qué no se atiende a más personas que lo padecen?