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New Lawsuit Challenges State Bans on Abortion Pills

The case, brought by GenBioPro, a company that makes one of two abortion drugs, argues that it is unconstitutional for a state to bar access to a medication approved by the federal government.

A Dilemma for Governments: How to Pay for Million-Dollar Therapies

A wave of transformative but hugely expensive treatments is challenging the budgets of health systems in wealthy nations. Now countries with far fewer resources are wrestling with how to cover the therapies.

The Father of the Abortion Pill

The 96-year-old scientist who came up with an idea for an “unpregnancy pill” decades ago has led an eventful life, from his teenage days in the French Resistance to his friendships with famous artists.

Paxlovid para covid: ¿quién debería tomarlo?

Los expertos dicen que tomar este antiviral ayuda a evitar algunos síntomas persistentes de covid y la hospitalización. Pero los malentendidos impiden que más personas tomen el fármaco.