Weekly Health Quiz: Living in a Pandemic

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When positive coronavirus test rates in a community drop to this level, it’s a good indicator that the virus is not actively spreading:

50 percent

25 percent

10 percent

5 percent

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Which of the following activities would be most likely to expose you to coronavirus?

Grocery shopping

Getting a haircut

Attending a dinner party

Spending time in a crowd

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True or false? The number of daily reported coronavirus cases around the world is now dropping.



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The number of reported coronavirus cases in the United States now exceeds:

1 million

2 million

5 million

10 million

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Reported cases of coronavirus are rising in all of the following states except:




New York

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When health officials do contact tracing for viral exposure, they generally look for someone with whom you’ve been in close contact for how long?

15 minutes

An hour

A day

14 days

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Researchers are exploring the links between vitamin D and the risk of Covid-19. All of the following foods are good sources of vitamin D except:

Egg yolks


Dried mushrooms

Fatty fish

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True or false? In a properly maintained dental office, dentists are at higher risk of coronavirus infection than their patients.