Weekly Health Quiz: State Fairs, Apes and Migraines

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Visitors to the North Carolina Mountain State Fair may have been sickened with Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever after visiting this exhibit:

Hogway speedway (pig racing)

Farm adventure tent

Hot tub display

Livestock arena

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People who owned this pet had a 24 percent reduced risk of dying at any given age:



Freshwater fish

Pets had no effect on longevity

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Studies show that chronic stress can:

Dampen the immune system

Promote inflammation

Lead to premature aging

All of the above

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Which statement about migraine in kids is not true?

It has a genetic component and often runs in families

Before puberty boys and girls are equally affected, but after puberty, migraines are more common in girls

Studies confirm that chocolate is a common migraine trigger

Stress can set off migraines in children

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This state became the first in the nation to allow H.I.V. prevention drugs to be dispensed without a doctor’s prescritpion:

New Jersey

New Hampshire



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Low doses of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may protect against this illness, while high doses may promote it, a new study suggests:

Heart disease




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Experts advise all pregnant women to get vaccinated against the following illnesses except:


Whooping cough


Pregnant women should generally avoid vaccines