Weekly Health Quiz: Running, Body Temperature and a Deadly New Virus

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People who trained and ran a first marathon, many of them older, showed arteries that looked about how many years younger?

1 year

2 years

4 years

Running a marathon did not affect blood vessel health

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Since 1851, when the 98.6 normal body temperature was established, body temperatures appear to be:



Body temperatures have remained steady

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Deaths from alcohol are rising, particularly among this group:





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A potentially fatal pneumonia-like illness in China that has spread to Thailand and Japan has been traced to a new strain of this virus:





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Compared to men, women tend to get high blood pressure at:

Younger ages

Older ages

Men and women show similar patterns of high blood pressure

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Which statement about sickle cell disease is not true?

Sickle cell disease is caused by a gene mutation

Africans are most commonly affected by sickle cell disease

Symptoms typically first appear in the teenage years

The disease causes progressive damage over time

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Activists in New Jersey swayed legislators to drop a bill that would have ended religious exemptions for:

School prayer


Providing health services to LGBT people

Health insurance