Weekly Health Quiz: Grandparents, Recovery and Coronavirus

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Worldwide, the number of reported cases of coronavirus infection have surpassed:

1 million

2 million

5 million

10 million

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About how many people worldwide are known to have died from coronavirus?



1.3 million

2.6 million

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About what percentage of deaths from Covid-19 are in Americans 65 or older?

70 percent

80 percent

90 percent

Virtually all deaths are in people over 65

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The safest place for grandparents concerned about coronavirus to reunite with grandchildren is probably:

In a designated room in the grandparents’ house

In a designated room at the home of the grandchildren

Outdoors, at either home

Location makes little difference in transmission risk, as long as you wear masks

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Doctors recommend that athletes who suspect they may have been infected with coronavirus wait at least how long before resuming strenuous training?

5 days

10 days

Two weeks

Four weeks

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All of the following foods, high in flavonoids, were tied to a lower risk of developing dementia except:


Red wine


Dairy products

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How many states have eased their coronavirus restrictions?