Weekly Health Quiz: Food, Friends and Physical Activity

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Middle-aged men and women who walked a little more each day reported:

Better sleep

Worse sleep

Activity had little impact on sleep qualtiy

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College students with symptoms of depression showed mood improvements after three weeks of eating a diet rich in all of the following foods except:

Fruits and vegetables




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A six-year study of middle-age Swedish men cited this social factor as key to lowering the risk of having a heart attack:

Being married

Having friends

Having kids

Having a dog

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When sugary drinks were banned for sale at the University of California, San Francisco, staff members tended to:

Lose belly fat

Reduce their waist sizes

Show metabolic benefits

All of the above

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Pheochromocytomas are rare tumors that can cause a racing heart and headaches. They most commonly develop on the adrenal glands, which are located:

In the neck

At the base of the brain

In the front of the brain

On top of the kidneys

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When pregnant women ate more of this food, their children tended to show higher I.Q.s:




Dairy products

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This food may be particularly effective in preventing diverticultis, an inflammation of pouches in the digestive tract:


Apple juice

White rice