Weekly Health Quiz: Fake Meat, Exercise and Aging Muscles

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Which statement about fake meat is not true?

Fake meats get their protein from plants like peas, soy or potatoes

Compared to a beef patty, plant-based burgers contain similar amounts of protein and calories

Plant-based meats tend to be low in saturated fat and cholesterol

Plant-based meats tend to be low in sodium

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Older men who had engaged in this activity for years had muscles that resembled, on a cellular level, those of 25-year-olds, according to a new study:

Eating a calorie-restricted diet

Following a low-carbohydrate diet



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Some patients with Parkinson’s disease who received electronic brain implants to control tremors were no longer able to do this sport:





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Car crashes and other accidents are the leading cause of death among young Americans aged 10 to 24. The second leading cause of death in this age group is:




Drug overdose

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A new government program will provide the drugs Truvada and Descovy to 200,000 Americans without health insurance. The drugs are taken daily to prevent:

Alzheimer’s disease

Breast cancer

H.I.V. infection


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This state has the highest rate of drug overdose deaths:



West Virginia

New Mexico

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Dr. Janette Sherman died recently at age 89. She is perhaps best known for her pioneering work tying health problems to:

Environmental toxins

Poor diet

Genetic factors

Climate change