Weekly Health Quiz: Exercise, Weight Gain and an Animal Tied to Coronavirus

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By 2030, nearly this percentage of American adults are projected to be obese:

30 percent

40 percent

50 percent

60 percent

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Themba Hadebe/Associated Press

Scientists are investigating whether this highly trafficked mammal is involved in the outbreak of coronavirus.





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This form of exercise was linked to a greater likelihood of maintaining a healthy weight:

Aerobic activities like walking or jogging

Resistance training, such as lifting weights or doing yoga

Combining both aerobics and resistance training

Physical activity was not tied to weight control

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Plastic bronchitis is a rare disorder caused by the buildup of this substance in the lungs:

Airborne particulates

BPA from disposable water bottles

Lymph fluid


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High blood levels of this B vitamin were tied to an increased risk of early death:



Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

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Drugs that attack amyloid, which form plaques in the brain, have so far proven ineffective for preventing or treating this degenerative brain ailment:

Alzheimer’s disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Parkinson’s disease

Mad cow disease

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Taking a daily dose of this popular over-the-counter medicine during pregnancy was tied to a lower risk of delivering a baby prematurely: