Weekly Health Quiz: Diet, Volcanoes and Athletes' Brains

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To treat tourists burned by a recent volcanic eruption, New Zealand is importing this medical product from the United States:

Gas masks

Human skin

Gauze pads

Lidocaine swabs

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The more of these foods people ate, the higher their risk of Type 2 diabetes, an analysis of more than 100,000 people found:

Highly processed foods

Foods high in saturated fats

Foods high in polyunsaturated fats

All of the above

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The following sleep-related behavior was tied to better heart health:

Being an early bird

Not snoring

Not being tired during the day

All of the above

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All of the following drug activities are falling among teenagers except:

Smoking cigarettes


Doing hard drugs

Vaping marijuana

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For every 100 Americans, there are now this many visits to a hospital emergency room each year:





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A study of sports and hearing found that compared to their peers, young competitive athletes were:

Better able to filter out extraneous noise

Less able to dial down outside noise

Sports did not seem to affect the ability to filter sounds

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Americans in their 60s take, on average, how many prescription medicines a year?