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6 Reasons That It’s Hard to Get Your Wegovy and Other Weight-Loss Prescriptions

An array of obstacles make it difficult for patients to obtain Wegovy or Zepbound. Finding Wegovy is “like winning the lottery,” one nurse practitioner said.

F.D.A. to Issue First Approval for Mass Drug Imports to States from Canada

The agency plans to authorize Florida to purchase medicines directly from wholesalers in Canada, where prices are far cheaper. Pharmaceutical companies oppose the plan.

Drug Shortages Near an All-Time High, Leading to Rationing

A worrisome scarcity of cancer drugs has heightened concerns about the troubled generic drug industry. Congress and the White House are seeking ways to address widespread supply problems.

California’s Plan for Cheaper Insulin Collides With Big Pharma’s Price Cuts

The state awarded a $50 million contract to produce less costly treatments, but moves by major suppliers might undercut the initiative before any new product emerges.