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What to Know About the Federal Law at the Heart of the Latest Supreme Court Abortion Case

The federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, known as EMTALA, requires hospitals to provide medically necessary care to stabilize patients in emergency situations.

Scientists in Discredited Alcohol Study May Advise U.S. on Drinking Guidelines

Two researchers with ties to beer and liquor companies have been named to a panel that will review the health evidence on alcohol consumption.

A Third of Medicaid Recipients With Opioid Use Disorder Aren’t Getting Medication to Treat It

A new analysis also found wide disparities in age and race, with Black and young people receiving treatments at far lower rates than white and middle-aged people.

Legal Actions Seek Guarantee of Abortion Access for Patients in Medical Emergencies

New cases say fear and confusion about abortion bans in three states are causing doctors and hospitals to deny medically necessary abortions.

U.S. Loses Key Case on Rights to H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs

In an unusual court trial, a federal jury sided with the drug maker Gilead Sciences in a dispute over who came up with the idea of using a daily pill to prevent H.I.V.