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Infant Deaths Have Risen for the First Time in 20 Years

The increases were particularly stark among babies born to Native American, Alaska Native and white mothers in 2022. Rates among Black infants remained highest of all.

For Black Mothers, Birthing Centers, Once a Refuge, Become a Battleground

Some say the facilities, which focus on autonomy in childbirth, could lead to better health outcomes — but officials are tightening rules, citing risk.

A Third of Medicaid Recipients With Opioid Use Disorder Aren’t Getting Medication to Treat It

A new analysis also found wide disparities in age and race, with Black and young people receiving treatments at far lower rates than white and middle-aged people.

Maternity’s Most Dangerous Time: After New Mothers Come Home

Recent research shows that most pregnancy-related deaths occur in the year after a baby is born. The discovery is changing how doctors care for new mothers.