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FDA Approves New Treatment for Early Alzheimer’s

The drug, Leqembi, may modestly slow cognitive decline in early stages of the disease but carries some safety risks. Still, data suggests it is more promising than the small number of other available treatments.

Inside a Campaign to Get Medicare Coverage for a New Alzheimer’s Drug

The Alzheimer’s Association has pushed relentlessly to get broad access to Aduhelm, despite safety risks and uncertain evidence that it helps patients.

Concerns Grow Over Safety of Aduhelm After Death of Patient Who Got the Drug

Newly published safety data shows that 41 percent of patients in key clinical trials of the Alzheimer’s drug experienced brain bleeding or swelling, though many cases were asymptomatic.

How an Unproven Alzheimer’s Drug Got Approved

Though some of its own senior officials said there was little evidence of benefit for patients, the F.D.A. nonetheless greenlighted Biogen’s Aduhelm, or aducanumab.