Should Tess Be Grounded?

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What’s a fair punishment for a 15-year-old who drinks alcohol at a party and misses curfew by an hour?

That’s the debate raging on Facebook, where 15-year-old Tess Chapin of Sunnyside, Queens, is trying to overturn five weeks of “groundation.” A Facebook group has sprung up in her support — “1000 to get tess ungrounded” — as described today by Big City columnist Susan Dominus.

This is teenage rebellion, electronic style — peaceful, organized and, apparently, contagious.

So basically, Tess explains on her group page, she made an honest late-night mistake. Her parents flipped, and they grounded her for five weeks — “thats my childhood right there,” she wrote. “please join so I can convice them to unground me. please please please.”

To learn more, read the full story, “A Facebook Movement, Against Mom and Dad,” and then please join the discussion below. What do you think? Is the punishment meted out by Tess’s parents fair? Or should they reconsider?