Packing a More Healthful School Lunchbox

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DESCRIPTIONAndrew Scrivani for The New York Times Muffins and wraps can add variety and health to your child’s lunch box.

At my house, the biggest challenge of back-to-school time isn’t getting up early or tackling homework. It is the snack bag.

I want to pack healthful snacks, but my daughter gets tired of eating fruit and yogurt every day. I recently asked Martha Rose Shulman her suggestions for packing a tasty and more healthful lunchbox. Here are her suggestions:

Savory Cheese muffins: These have the appeal of both a muffin and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Mixed grain and blueberry muffins: Children want something sweet in their lunchboxes, and these muffins give them fruit and grains in one tasty treat.

Chicken and vegetable wrap: Much of the pleasure of eating this wrap comes from the crunchy textures of the lettuce and the shredded vegetables.

Hummus wrap: Hummus might not sound like a child-friendly food, but you may be surprised how quickly they will gobble it up.

Nut butter and jelly packet: A simple way to make a fun version of the classic sandwich.

For more ideas, be sure to check out Martha’s “Recipes for Health: Kid’s Edition,” where she offers 12 recipes for child-friendly foods.