How to Be Mindful Wrapping Presents

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Meditation for Real Life

“Wrapping presents can seem like just another chore but if we undertake it with mindfulness we will find that this activity can be an important moment of reflection and understanding of ourselves, and our relationship with the important people in our lives.” — Samuel Tsang, author of “The Book of Mindful Origami”

Pick up the present and say the name of the person who will be receiving the gift.

Recall a happy memory that you have shared with that person; remember the happiness of that moment and be grateful for that shared memory.

Recall why the recipient is unique and important to you and be grateful for that person’s presence in your life.

Pick up the wrapping paper. Trace the decorative pattern on the paper with your eyes and feel the texture of the paper.

Listen to the sounds the paper makes as you slowly and deliberately wrap and fold it around the gift.

Do not rush. Realize that this activity is an opportunity to reminisce and appreciate that person.

Realize that this is an act of giving, an act of kindness and that it is a recognition and an appreciation of the kindness and love that you have received from that person.

Know that showing kindness to others is actually showing kindness to yourself.

Finish wrapping the present, and imagine the smile of the person opening it.