How to Be Mindful With Your In-Laws

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Meditation for Real Life

“How we relate with our in-laws deeply affects the overall harmony and well-being in our families and in our life. For many, this becomes most obvious during the holidays. This year, let mindfulness help you navigate potential conflict and nourish these key relationships.” – Tara Brach, author of “Radical Acceptance.”

Set the intention to be accepting, patient and appreciative with your in-laws.

Know that some situations might make you emotionally reactive.

When these moments arise, breathe mindfully and send a caring reminder to yourself to help regain your balance.

Whenever you remember, ground yourself in mindful presence by relaxing your body, bringing a slight smile to your mouth, and taking a few full breaths. In these moments, recall your intention.

Purposefully notice what you appreciate about your in-laws and when appropriate, let them know directly.

Be mindful of where they might be feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or anxious, and with care, see how you can be helpful.

Forgive yourself, and them, for ways your time together may be difficult.

Pause and fully savor the moments when there’s affection, humor or kindness.