How to Be Mindful With Your Cat

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Meditation for Real Life

“Cat people are different from dog people. We must accept that felines are independent, and also cherish the moments when our cat curls up and starts to purr. Cats make it easy to be mindful.” — Nancy Scanlan, executive director of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Feel the way your cat settles into your lap.

Notice the contours of the cat’s body, its soft belly and its bony legs.

Is the warmth all over your lap or is there a concentration, a warmest spot?

Pet your cat from the head towards the tail, observing how the cat responds and reacts.

Scratch your cat gently, starting at the top of the head and going down towards the jaw.

Notice the change in the feeling of the fur, as it gets a little softer at the jawline.

Listen to the purr and feel its vibrations in your lap.

Look at your cat’s eyes. Are they half-closed? Fully closed?

Feel the cat’s breath, and deepen your own inhalations and exhalations.

When your cat gets up to leave, celebrate the feline declaration of independence and freely let them go.