How to Be Mindful While Fireside

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Meditation for Real Life

“Taking a moment to be fully present will deepen any experience. In winter, sitting alongside a fireplace enhances a sense of well-being. Long winter evenings can offer time to focus on the moment — whether fireside or watching a candle — inviting us to center within.” — Nina Smiley, director of mindfulness programming at Mohonk Mountain House.

Simply be present with what is, with your senses, not the stories in your head.

Observe the colorful play of flames and notice how fluidly they move. Hear the crackling of the fire.

Each moment is new and different and impermanent. The flame is always changing.

This is an opportunity to become centered. Take three deep breaths and take note of any smells, perhaps the scent of burning wood, releasing any tension you’re feeling.

Feel the heat on your skin — your face, your hands. And just observe those sensations without any judgment, just acknowledging what is.

As you take in what is around you — feeling the warmth of the flames — see if a sense of appreciation can suffuse the moment.

Just show up and be interested. That’s all you have to do.