How to Be Mindful While Cleaning the Bathroom

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Meditation for Real Life

“Cleaning is, for most of us, one of the most boring and mundane activities of our everyday life. Cleaning the restroom? The worst of it. The good news is, the repetitive and discursive nature of cleaning the bathroom naturally lends itself to meditation practice. With the practice of mindful cleaning, you can transform this once boring activity into a nourishing and enjoyable moment to yourself.” — Matt Valentine, who runs

Once you’ve selected your cleaning tool, take a moment to notice it with your various senses. Feel the soft texture of the sponge or hardness of the mop grip.

As you begin to clean, remind yourself that you’re cleaning to clean. You’re not chasing a result, a “clean bathroom.” Give your full presence to the act of cleaning.

Start by noticing the body. Notice as you raise your arms, move your hands, bend or step. Notice your breath as your chest rises up and down.

Now place your focus on the repetitive motion of wiping with the sponge or mopping the floor. Maintain your focus on each circular, left-to-right or up-and-down motion.

You can choose to match the cleaning motion of your hands with the rhythm of your breath. As you breathe in, wipe twice. As you breathe out, wipe three times. This helps further sync your attention with the physical activity of cleaning.

If we can be mindful while cleaning the bathroom, we can be mindful during any moment throughout our daily lives.