How to Be Mindful Walking in the Rain

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Meditation for Real Life

“The human body is largely made of water, and yet so many of us feel uncomfortable walking in the rain and getting wet. That need not be the case. Walking mindfully in the rain is a wonderful opportunity to get closer to nature, and our true nature.” — Ian Banyard, founder of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness in Gloucestershire, England.

Begin by watching the rain with openhearted curiosity, as a child might. Notice how rain forms droplets, streams and puddles.

Observe how the raindrops dance and ripple on the surface of puddles. Notice how the light can change. Perhaps the sky darkens, or is brighter because the sun is reflecting on the surface of rainwater, perhaps producing a rainbow through the droplets in the air.

Listen to the different sounds the rain makes as it pitters, patters, splashes, drips and gushes.

Feel the raindrops land on your clothing and the sensations as they drip and trickle on exposed skin — hands, legs or an upturned face. Notice as your clothes get damp and stick to your skin.

Take a deep breath in, savoring the smell of petrichor — the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. As you release the breath, notice any corresponding release of tension you may have been unconsciously holding.

Finally tilt back the head and take the opportunity to taste the rain, combining all the five traditionally recognized senses — sight, sound, touch, smell and taste — and just be in the moment for a while.

We can all perceive a rainy day as disappointing, choosing to feel miserable and gloomy. Instead, take it as an opportunity to test our resilience and feel invigorated. Or simply choose to have no attachment at all — accepting that it is as it is, feeling at peace and content with it — mindful that rain is part of nature, just as we are.