How to Be Mindful in the Voting Booth

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Meditation for Real Life

“Voting is about paying attention to our deepest values. What do I want for myself, my family, my community, my country? Does how I vote matter? Mindfulness brings us closer to being able to answer these truths.” – JoAnna Harper, guiding teacher at Against the Stream.

Before election day, do your research and know your choices, paying attention to not getting caught up in the media drama and others’ reactivity.

In the voting booth, recognize that you are alone. This is a moment of your personal truth, no one else’s.

Feel your body; what is your body telling you? How is the heartbeat? Palms? Throat?

Stand still for several moments. Feel your feet solidly on the ground.

Take a few slow, deep breaths.

Listen to the sounds around you, alone, from election officials working to the votes being cast.

Let go of all the controversy, vitriol and scandals and return to the present moment.

As you cast your votes, make sure your choices reflect your deepest values.

Leave wearing your I VOTED sticker as a badge of courage, inspiration and a token of your dedication to what matters.