How to Be Mindful if Your Flight Is Delayed

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Meditation for Real Life

“Running late is stressful. You may miss your meeting, your connecting flight, or your plans. The first thing is to recognize that stressing about flight delays won’t help you get back on schedule.” — Melissa Eisler, a meditation teacher in San Diego and the author of

Don’t dwell on the flight that “should have been.”

Sit down and visualize the best-case scenario going forward.

Close your eyes and imagine that your eventual flight is on time, that the boarding experience is pleasant and that your seatmate is amiable.

Visualize a smooth takeoff, a swift and easy flight and a gentle landing.

Continue to envision your trip all the way through to retrieval of baggage and transportation to your final destination.

When you open your eyes, hold an optimistic attitude for your journey ahead.