How to Be Mindful at Airport Security

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Meditation for Real Life

“Long lines at airport security can induce anxiety, especially if they are slow-moving and you are cutting it close to boarding time,” says Melissa Eisler, a meditation teacher in San Diego and author of

Stand up tall and bring equal weight onto both of your feet.

Tune in to your breath — inhale to fill your lungs, pause at the top, exhale fully and pause at the bottom.

When it is time to move, open your eyes for a moment, take your steps and continue where you left off.

At the front of the line, greet the T.S.A. agent with kindness and compassion.

Be calm and tranquil as you take off your shoes, place your items on the scanner and move through security.

Mindful awareness can alleviate stress not only while in the airport security line, but also as you head out on your flight.