How to Be Mindful at a Wedding

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“Weddings can be stressful. The ceremony and reception can pass by in a whirl of emotion and interactions. Staying mindful can connect you with the people around you, and can help you feel the love.” — Sara Williams, a wedding planner and founder of The Mindful Wedding.

As the wedding day approaches, keep in mind what you are gathering to celebrate — your shared love. If negative thoughts arise, just note them and let them pass, instead focusing on the upcoming celebration of a loving relationship.

If disagreements come up, talk through your plans. Being clear about expectations can help limit the potential for disappointment. The more you relay information to everyone involved, the more likely your wedding will fall into alignment with your vision.

Delegate. Let other people sweat the small stuff. Let someone else set up the decorations, field vendor questions and answer frantic phone calls from lost guests. This frees you and allows you to be a guest at your wedding. Your celebration may last five or six hours, and you want to spend that time focused on connecting with people you love, not running an event.

When your mind wanders — thinking about the future or dwelling on the past — come back to the present moment. Notice how your body is feeling, or pay attention to particular sensations — the breeze on your skin if you are outdoors, or the texture of the shadows if you are inside.

Find joy in the things that go wrong. Let go of any pretense of perfection, and embrace any mishaps as part of the greater celebration. Instead of getting hung up on a particular detail, come back to the feeling that should define the day: love.