How Paul Rose, a Tennis Coach, Spends His Sundays

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Sunday Routine

“Being a single dad of three girls is challenging,” said Paul Rose, a tennis coach. But he must be doing something right: All of his daughters received either tennis or academic scholarships to college. Born in Jamaica, Mr. Rose, 56, played tennis in his native country on the professional circuit and taught the sport there before arriving in the United States in 1987. In 1989, the Midtown Tennis Club in Chelsea hired him as a tennis pro and he has mostly worked there ever since. Mr. Rose lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, with his daughters: Malika, 25, who graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2013 and was ranked 850th in the country before an injury sidelined her last year; Nia, 20, who attends the University of Oregon on a tennis scholarship, and Kiara, 18, who will start Tufts University on a full academic scholarship in the fall. JULIE SATOW

ACKEE, DUMPLINGS AND CHOCOLATE I wake up between 6 and 7 a.m. and the first thing I do, after brushing my teeth, is go straight to the kitchen and start cooking. If I don’t have to work early, I’ll make the girls breakfast. It is usually something local, like Jamaican ackee, which is a fruit, but it’s cooked as a vegetable with salted cod fish, and we usually eat it with dumplings or roasted breadfruit. I don’t usually fry stuff, so I will usually boil the dumplings, unless I feel like indulging them. And I’ll make a chocolate drink. It isn’t regular hot chocolate that you know, but a locally grown chocolate from Jamaica. I turn the chocolate beans into a four- or five-inch stick that you can grate or put into a pot with water, and I mix it with cinnamon and coconut milk until it becomes a thick hot chocolate. I’ll make them their breakfast and leave for work, usually before they wake up.

DRILLS WITH DAUGHTERS On Sundays I typically work for six hours and then I’ll meet my daughters at the park to play tennis. Sometimes if Kiara has her sister around and I don’t have to rush back, I will stop first at church and attend an early service. Otherwise, I will go right home and we will go out and play tennis. We will usually go to Lincoln Terrace Park and either I will run drills with them or I’ll have arranged matches for them with other players and I’ll coach them from the sidelines. Sometimes one of the girls has something special to work on, like their backhand or a particular shot they need help with. Sometimes on Sundays Kiara is playing in a tournament, so I may also have to go pick her up somewhere.

CURRY AND POLITICS Then we will go home and have dinner. I mainly cook vegetarian food, although sometimes I’ll do goat or oxtail curry. If so, I will prep it in the morning before I leave for work, so it will be tender by the time I get home. I’ll cut as much fat off the meat as I can and I don’t use any oil. I’ll marinate the goat with curry, green onions, thyme, garlic and black pepper and bring to a stew. The oxtail is prepared the same way, although sometimes I’ll add butter beans. Or if I’m feeling lazy I’ll make fish, usually by wrapping it with vegetables in foil and then putting it in a pan with some water to steam. I might have also made ice cream for dessert, usually rum raisin made with Jamaican rum. While we eat, we talk about politics. The girls are very aware politically. After dinner they might try and have me watch “Homeland” or these movies that I have no interest in. They’ll tell me, “Daddy, you will love this,” but I usually don’t.

SHIPMENT One of my passions is to give back to kids in Montego Bay where I am from. There is an orphanage, SOS Children’s Village Barrett Town, and my brother and a friend started a tennis program for them. So I collect rackets, sneakers, clothing and other equipment that I pack in barrels and send to them. When I go back to Jamaica I go and visit them and run tennis clinics there. So I may spend time after dinner organizing that.

NEWS AND THE YANKEES Then I’ll unwind by watching television. My favorite station is MSNBC. Or I will watch sports, especially Yankee baseball. I love Yankee baseball, or sometimes track and field or soccer. And of course tennis, if it’s on. My least favorite sport is hockey. Then I’ll take a shower, and around 12 I’ll fall asleep.