Hot Flashes, Waxing and Periods: Your Questions on Women’s Health

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A year ago, Dr. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist and author of “The Vagina Bible” began answering your questions about female anatomy, sex, life cycle changes and all the misconceptions that come with the subject area.

We received thousands of questions, and it has become clear that there are many misconceptions out there to clear up. You wanted information about age-related changes that no one really teaches anywhere. You asked about preventing things, including hot flashes, sexually transmitted disease, sagging breasts, hair loss, vaginal atrophy and more. And you wanted to know about improving things, namely your sex life.

In the hopes of helping to educate more people who may be wondering about things they are too shy to ask, here are five of the most popular questions:

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1. What is “vaginal atrophy,” and how can you stop it?

There are changes that happen to the vagina and vulva with menopause. However, the term vaginal atrophy — while technically medically accurate for some menopause-related changes — sounds dismissive and neglects the fact that these changes affect more than the vagina. Read more

2. How do I care for my pubic hair without giving myself a yeast infection?

There are several pubic hair products on the market, but they seem to offer a solution to a nonexistent problem.

3. Do I need to have a monthly period?

A period itself is not a requirement for good health, but sometimes not getting your period can be a sign of a medical condition that needs investigation and possibly treatment.

4. How can I stop a hot flash?

Effective treatments are available to stop the discomfort of menopause symptoms.

5. What’s the best method for removing unwanted body hair?

There are no studies comparing sugaring to waxing, but as they are both ways of removing the hair shaft and root, the hair should grow back the same after either process.